Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No Ultrasound Today

Yesterday when we met with Dr. M's nurse, she gave us information about getting an ultrasound on Grace's neck. She informed us that we could just drop into a pediatric radiology clinic and get a scan anytime.

Nope. Not correct.

We arrived there today to have the receptionist inform us otherwise. So, we've scheduled an appointment for 2:45pm tomorrow. We're only delayed by one day, which isn't bad.

Gotta love medicine.


Sarah said...

talked to one of the ENTs (my favorite one) at work today. sounds like if it is the duct cyst, surgery has good outcomes as long as all of the cyst is removed. if it's not it can grow back in time. he also explained that the part of the hyoid that is removed doesn't really have an insertions or origins of muscles/tendons, so it really won't be "missed." it sounds like dr. m is good, if you have any questions or want my doc to check over grace's results/reports let me know.

Childlife said...

Argh. Those kind of days just wear me out! Hope you didn't have to drive to far to discover your new appointment date...