Monday, May 26, 2008

Time with my Gracie Girl

I've had the whole weekend with just Gracie. It has been a fun time for us. We spent a lovely day with Aunt Kristen, Uncle Bob, Chloe, Molly, and Trey. The girls played pretend wedding outside with bunches of slips from the lilac bushes. Their processionals were amusing. Grace had a great time especially with Molly, but like most good things, they eventually end. Molly had had enough of Grace and finally told her that they were no longer best friends anymore. Ah the drama of childhood...

Yesterday, we shopped for summer clothes. Yes, I did my part to stimulate the economy. haha Grace was a bit more interested in shopping this time. I keep waiting for her to become a stereotypical girl who loves to shop, but it just isn't happening. Her dad would be so proud.

We also stopped at a road side market to purchase some flowers for our yard. I let Grace pick out an entire flat of her own choices. She made some choices that I would have never made. I love how she influences me to think outside of my own box, and I suppose that I do that for her as well.

The quote of the weekend though was:

"Grace, please pick up your bowl and bring it to the sink."

Grace replied with, "You have hands."

Grrrrrr! Needless to say, Grace picked up the bowl; however, she decided it would be appropriate to throw it and its contents onto the floor in response to my scolding her. I love my little independent child, but sometimes she can grate on your last nerve. Perhaps we've had too much one-on-one time too?

She received a time out and learned how to run a vaccuum cleaner for the first time so she could clean up the mess. She wasn't happy with me at all, but I'm doing my job as her mommy. ;)

We still have many flowers to plant today, and we are very excited that Charlie and Meghan will be home tonight. They are returning from a trip North to the family cabin. Gracie has been very lonely for her built-in playmate, Meghan.

Tomorrow is Grace's appointment with the ENT, and we are anxious to finally determine what is causing the cyst in her neck. Please think good thoughts for us. Thanks!

Enjoy the photos we took of our flowers. The first photo is a picture of Grace's flower boxes, with all the flowers she chose.

We still have a lot to plant! I think I need some periennials.

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Childlife said...

I'm still cracking up at Gracie's "you have hands" comment - LOL! I say the same thing to my kiddos. At least you know she's been listening :D

Gorgeous flowers!