Thursday, October 02, 2008

5 Minutes for Special Needs

By now, you all know that I love to write. Correct? ;)

Well, I've agreed to be a guest blogger every Friday in October at a web site called 5 Minutes For Special Needs. It aims to bring parents of special needs children the support, insight, and inspiration they need to be the best parents they can possibly be.

Special Needs Blog

My first post will be up tomorrow (Friday). Come check it out! There are amazing, inspiring parents there who help us all to remember that special needs children are children first and foremost. Their lives are not defined by their physical or mental limitations.


Childlife said...

Oh YAY!!! I saw that Tammy had asked you, Jen, and I was hoping you said yes :)

You are just a brilliant writer with so much to share and I'm looking forward to your posts this month!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jen, my first visit here after meeting you on 5mfsn - an extremely helpful blog. Thanks for becoming a regular contributor. Barbara

melody is slurping life said...

Jen, I once found your blog, but then lost you.

So glad you've taken the guest blogger spot at 5M4SN this month, and look forward to reading there and here.

Melody 5M4SN

~Denise~ said...

Another wonderful piece Jen.

I heart you.

skousenscrolls said...

Thank You for commenting on my blog and referring me to yours. And thanks for your comments about 5minutesforspecialneeds.