Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Wait

5 Minutes for Special Needs

Recently, I've rediscovered the creative side of me that uses poetry as expression and story telling. Here is an example of the "Me Time" I've recaptured:

Marble floor
Worn with time
Cold on my skin
While sitting

And waiting

New parents
Wonder if
They've found
The right place

And waiting

I watch
The long hallway
Your skips and hops

And waiting

Your sister
Climbs on my back
Connects her hands
Around my neck

And waiting

I feel
Her warmth
And excitement
And need to see you

And waiting

I finally
See your eyes
Connect with me
Seeding my soul

And waiting

You dart
And run
Your backpack

And waiting

I realize
You've grown
But still need me
My special Gracie


Childlife said...

You know how much I love your poetry, don't you? :)

I just love that line... "seeding my soul"

Just beautiful, Jen -- Me Time at its finest!


Julie said...

That is great! Sometimes nothing does it like poetry!

Amy Jo said...

Good for you! Writing is definitely a way for me to get in some much needed "Me Time!" What a beautiful poem. Blessings, Amy in OR