Sunday, October 12, 2008

Harvest Time

In late spring, Grace, Meghan, and I planted some flower seeds along with some corn and carrots. Some of you may know that I'm not overly "child project oriented" but this was my attempt. A lot of our plants never even sprouted, but we got a few things to grow.

Our flower crop has come and gone, but we brought the fall harvest in today. Unfortunately, our corn plants succumbed to some frost but the carrots survived. :) They are all oddly shaped, but we hope they'll taste good.

Today, we enjoyed one of the last warm days of Fall before the cold stuff comes back with a vengence. I can't wait for spring. Enjoy my mop-topped farm gals!


scientific mom said...

Heheh ... looks like your soil has a LOT of clay! Smooshed up carrots should taste the same though. Tilling in some top soil next year should make them longer. What fun!

Childlife said...

They look so cute out there in the carrot patch :D

Great job, girls!