Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another Check-Up

Yesterday, Grace was supposed to visit with a nurse practitioner for a pre-operative check-up. When Charlie brought Grace in the office, he caught Grace's surgeon's attention and said, "You may want to see Grace's cyst."

So Dr. M performed the pre-op check-up instead of the NP, which made us feel like he really cares about Gracie. He looked at the cyst, and said it is in a good position in her throat for the surgery. He'll only have to cut once instead of twice. Yeehaw!

I thought it was kind of funny when he mentioned that the cyst had gotten a lot larger, likely from the infection. It always makes me giggle when medical professionals try not to alarm you. Well, we clearly can see that it is now golf ball sized. haha He mentioned that there is always a risk that the cyst could grow back. He said, "My goal is to only have to do surgery once on Grace." Yes, that would fabulous. :)

So, Grace still has many days left of taking the augmentin to try to clear up the infection. She may need to be on it all the way up to the surgery date of July 23rd.

The really great news is that Grace will have a very easy process going into surgery. We learned that she'll take oral Versed before surgery to ease her fears and make her feel quite calm and happy. Next, they'll take her back into the operating room, where she'll receive a mask to inhale her anesthesia. Once she is under, they will place her IV.

For a child with sensory issues, this could not have been better news. Pokes and IVs send Grace into fight or flight mode. We are so relieved that Children's Hospital has such child-friendly procedures. Gosh, that is just so much of a comfort to us.

Obviously, we'd rather not have Grace need to have surgery, but so far, we're pleased with the care she is receiving. Dr. M ended the visit by speaking directly with Grace, who was obviously nervous. He said, "Do you have any questions for me Grace?"

She shook her head no, and he said, "You are going to do great, Grace. Would you like a sticker?"

A Barbie sticker later, we were walking down the long hallway to our car. As Charlie and I watched Grace skipping down the hallway, he said, "Our baby."

Those were my sentiments exactly.


lora and stephen said...

I am glad that the Augmentin is working for Grace and that the appointment helped ease some fears about her upcoming surgery. She sounds like she is such a big, brave little girl.

soccermom23 said...

I am glad to hear that Grace's infection is clearing up and I hope all will go well with her surgery. My daughter Hannah just saw the specialist in late June who thinks she has the same thyroglossal duct cyst. We are waiting on further testing to confirm the diagnosis and then she will also have surgery to remove it. Thank you for sharing Grace's story as it helps me to know what is in store for Hannah.