Thursday, July 24, 2008

Drain is out, discharge orders coming

Dr. Martin was just here. He examined the area, and then pulled out the drain. He is still pleased with how her wound looks.

The good news is that he said we can go home later. First, she'll have the IV pulled and see if she'll eat something. So far, it hasn't gone very well, but they said her bowel sounds are good.

He expects her wound to continue to ooze for a few more days so we'll have to replace the gauze. I'd better get the discharge nurse to teach us how to do that.

She woke up for Dr. Martin's exam, but on her way back to sleep said, "Mom, when I woke up after surgery, I was really crabby not goofy. You said I'd be goofy. When we get home, can I please, please, please watch TV?" A few reassurances and explanations later, she was back to sleep. It comforts me when she sleeps. Sleep is very healing.

I'm so proud of her. She has done quite well considering all of the usual sleep disruptions, pain, and restrictions.

One brief rant, why doesn't anyone ever close the room door when they leave? Grrrr...I've had to get up several times to close it since the staff members forget that there are you know, CHILDREN sleeping here. Also, why on earth would you have morning report outside an open room door? I don't need to hear about how an ortho isn't responding appropriately for some other child.

Oh wow, 12 interns just piled into our room to see Grace's roommate who had her appendix removed, but wow, one of them actually closed the door on the way out. AMAZING! :)


Kristen said...

Sorry Jen, but I had to laugh at the appendix comment. I hope Gracie is still doing well at 9am. Call me later when you are home. Love, Krip

Sarah said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well. I am glad she gets to go home today!! Hope her pain level is as minimal as possible. ((((HUGS)))

Childlife said...

I'm giggling at your comments regarding the rounding interns -- we would soooo get along as PICU mommy roommates, Jen :D

Jacqui had to have a drain with her LM resection surgery - it was in for four weeks. I'm so glad that Grace doesn't have to have hers in for very long -- that's fabulous!