Friday, July 25, 2008

Gracie Update

Dr. Martin called this afternoon to give us the pathology report on Grace's cyst. The pathology report indicated that her cyst was indeed a thyroglossal duct cyst. There were markers of inflamation and a past infection so it was a good thing we removed it. It would have become infected again. In addition, there were no signs of malignant cells. Yay!

Grace has had a bit of a rough day. She detests the mint taste of her vicadin, and as such is fighting us "tooth and nail" every time we say she needs to have another dose. She is drinking and eating very little so when she requests something I get her anything she wants. I'm a little worried she is going to get dehydrated. (Kristen, this is shades of Chloe with her tonsilectomy.) I'm still being pushy, bribery mommy. I hope this doesn't last. Hopefully, we'll be able to bring her off the vicadin soon, and use straight Tylenol, which tastes better.

The medicine makes her spacey, but very irritable at the same time. It isn't a good combination. I thought she'd be whiney, but she is just crabby. This too shall pass, but it has been hard for us to see her not being her usual silly self.

Meghan came home today from Grandma's house, and she is having some jealousy of Grace. She keeps telling us that something or other hurts her. We're trying to give her more attention but it is rough with the on duty nursing care and full time mommy/daddy role, too. Also, she is desperate to play with Grace, but Gracie isn't really up to it just yet. Megs is feeling a little out of sorts, and well, we all are really.

Here is to more healing, patience, and time...

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Christina said...

Praying that she is feeling better by now and eating and drinking better. Also that Meghan is feeling better about everything and knows that you aren't leaving her out of things :)