Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, we are rapidly approaching Grace's surgery this Wednesday, the 23rd, to have her thyroglossal duct cyst removed. The good news is that the antibiotics did their job, and the infection is gone.

I'm feeling a little nervous about the surgery now. The idea of Grace being put under anesthesia makes me a bit uneasy. I'm sure my fears are normal, though. In my opinion, Grace has had more than her "fair share" of medical issues and procedures, and well, this is one more to top the list.

Grace, on the other hand, is excited for her surgery now. I think she just wants to get it over with, plus I've enticed her with a brand new Furreal Friend dalmatian puppy. She can't wait get her new puppy.

Yes, I've resorted to a reward, but I think this surgery is a big deal for a 6-year old. Any surgery is a big deal for a 6-year old. :) Oh and, I bought a new pair of pajamas for her to wear. As some of you may know, Grace is a very sensory seeking child. She literally lights up when she feels silk or satin-type fabrics. So, she'll get a brand new pair of 100% polyester kitty pajamas similar to this. I believe she said this about the pajamas, "Oh Mommy! I just love these kitty jamies...ah, they are soooooooooo soft. "

So I'll take simple joys where I can get them, and our Gracie provides those joys every day.

Please think about/pray for Grace on Wednesday. I appreciate the power of prayer and positive thinking. Thanks much!


Childlife said...

We will be making a special point of praying for Grace at our house, Jen. We always do special little treats for surgeries too -- they're tough on kiddos, and I'm with you -- take the joys where they can be had. We'll be anxiously waiting to hear how well she did! Hugs to you both :)

tafkalorelei said...

It's definetly a big deal and Grace deserves special gifts for being such a big girl! Many ((((hugs)))) and I'll be watching for an update. Will keep you all in my prayers. Love you.

Julie said...

Hi! I found your post through a link from Special Exposure Wednesday hosted at Five Minutes For Special Needs.

I hope everything goes well for Grace's surgery- I'll be thinking of her today. Your gifts for her are so special... pulling for you both.

All the best,

tiff said...

Hoping everything went ok for Grace and that she is home soon.
I always have special things for the kids when there is an operation or a stay in the hospital.