Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun with hospitals...

Well, there was some confusion post surgery. We were supposed to go see her in recovery, but they never called us back there. We were suddenly told that we should meet the nurse in the hallway to take her back upstairs.

So, they took us back to the admitting area because they thought she wasn't staying overnight. Um, she has a drain in...Charlie was quite annoyed, but we rolled with it.

So a brief stay in the day surgery area, and then they found us a room on the 5th floor. We're in room 526B. It is a shared room so we are in very tight quarters here. Children's is currently building a whole new wing where there will be all private rooms. We'll live, but I'm glad to hear it will be more family friendly here soon.

Gracie is now waking up more. We're trying get her to eat some jello or drink some chocolate milk so she can take her next dose of medicine orally.

She is pretty ornery, which is not unexpected.

I hate seeing her in pain and uncomfortable.

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