Saturday, July 05, 2008

Grace's Cyst is Infected

The last couple of days Grace has been telling me that the cyst in her throat has been painful. I've been paying attention to it but from what I could tell it didn't appear red and the inside of her throat wasn't red either. That is, until today.

Today she has a bright red sunburn like neck. So, Charlie called the pedi. He called us right back on a holiday weekend, love him. Anyway, he prescribed Augmentin to see if he can knock out the infection. If it doesn't appear to be responding, he is going to (shock of all shocks, wow, luv him) make a house call tomorrow.

So, I'm hoping we can knock out the infection. Pedi was sufficiently alarmed enough to prescribe drugs without seeing her. Anyway, her surgery to have the cyst removed was supposed to be July 23rd. It may or may not be sooner. We'll see.

Please keep her in your thoughts. Thanks much!

Now, I'm trying to clean up my messy house just in case he has to make a housecall. haha


Childlife said...

Wow, that's some Ped, Jen -- a keeper for sure!

So very sorry to hear about Grace's cyst and we'll be keeping her in our prayers that the infection will subside quickly. We always seem to have this sort of thing happen on holiday weekends too :( Hope she feels better soon!

~Denise~ said...

Ah darn it! Hoping this clears up quickly.