Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day of Surgery Pictures

The posts I made during Grace's hosptital stay simply don't report the day as well as these pictures. Enjoy! We are so proud of you, Gracie.

Saying goodbye to Meggie.

In the day surgery Child Life playroom.

Enjoying my new Furreal Friend.

Mommy and Gracie in the child life area.

Hanging around waiting

Putting on hospital bracelets

Checking out Danni kitty's new "necklace"

Smiling for my Mommy

Danni Kitty has her hospital gown on too.

All dressed in my hospital gown, and if you look close, you can see the last picture of my cyst.

Dressed and waiting to go to the pre-surgery area.

Watching our dear friend, Fred Rogers, who calmed our fears.

Going for a ride in the elevator on the way to the pre-surgery area.

High on versed, moving around a lot :)

Daddy reads to me while we wait and wait for the surgery to begin.

Daddy greets me after surgery.

Resting afterward


Tante said...

I am so glad that Grace has made it home safely. Charlie said she is back to her charming ol' self, so that's great.

Christina said...

I'm so glad that surgery seemed to go so well. You've got two little beauties there!! Prayers for continued speedy recovery!

Kristen said...

Sleep well sweet Godchild. Auntie Kristen loves you and thinks you are so brave!
Jen-that last pic of Grace asleep is just beautiful! Love, Krip

Childlife said...

Oh, she did so great! What a brave little sweetheart :) (I can't tell you how many times I have thanked God for versed) I'm so glad that Grace did so well -- she's a trooper!

Sarah said...

glad to hear all went well. the pics are super cute. will we be seeing grace at the bday party tomorrow?

cynthia n said...

hi! just found out today my almost 3 year old daughter has this TDC. can you tell me a bit about recovery? i would so appreciate any help. i'm so scared. i lost both my parents to cancer before i was 35. i can't bear the thought of anything with my kids. thank you! i'm glad grace did so well. ;-)