Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting Better

Grace is much improved today. Of course, she is pretty high as a kite on her vicadin. :) She slept until 9:30am when we woke her up to eat. She grabbed a strawberry poptart from Charlie's hand, and promptly started eating. Of course, the fact that Dragon Tales was on TV helped a lot. She also had 1/2 a container of chocolate milk.

Before they capped her IV, the nurse Kathy gave her some anti-nausea medication to make the transition to food a little easier. Yay for that. She took her pain medicine orally and kept it down.


We're going to get her up and walking soon, and then hopefully get sprung sometime after lunch.

It will be a quiet day at home for her.

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Childlife said...

Yay for Pop-tarts and chocolate milk! :D So great that she has been recovering so quickly!